2016 Awards & Recognitions


We would like to congratulate the following students on their exceptional performances on the 2016 National Latin Exam. They were part of over 154,000 students from all 50 states and 19 foreign countries taking the exam this year.

Leyni Motsett            Gold Medal Award, summa cum laude
Kyle Simmons            Silver Medal Award, maxima cum laude
Shelbi Henkle            Bronze  Medal Award, magna cum laude 

Maddie Dunlap          Achievement Certificate
Peyton Pilson            Achievement Certificate
Elise Pilson               Achievement Certificate
Katie Dodge               Achievement Certificate

Gabriela Sheldon       Honorable Mention
Lexo Kordzaia            Honorable Mention
Josie Rogers              Honorable Mention
Hannah Coley             Honorable Mention
Zak Espigh                 Honorable Mention
Coleman Jones          Honorable Mention
Michael Senter           Honorable Mention
Kaitlin Phillips           Honorable Mention
Daniel Shaw               Honorable Mention
Collin Poynter            Honorable Mention
Matthew Johnson       Honorable Mention         

Science Fair Results:

**Overall Best Project**
Claire Simms - Surviving Stomach Acid: The Effects of Stomach Acid on Probiotics in Yogurt

Life Science/Geology:
1st- Reagan Swistock - Pig Tut
2nd - Mallory Lane & Elizabeth Rogerson - Diet or Regular: Which Should You Drink?
3rd - Joshua Bridges - Marble Roller Coaster 

Physical Science:
1st - Grace Simms - How Do You Like Them Apples? Prevention of Browning in Apple Slices
2nd - Calder Sprinkle - The Relationship Between Fluid Density and Projectile Ricochet
3rd - Maggie Cahoon - Color and Light Absorption

Earth Science:
1st - Adrianna Brame - Why Do Different Textiles Burn Differently?
2nd - Matthew Johnson - Which Battery Brand Lasts the Longest?
3rd - Kevin Nentwich  - How to Nourish Your Plants

1st - Lydia Simms - Considering Orange Juice: Drink it Fast!
2nd - Andrew Moore - Enzymes: Can They Beat the Heat?
3rd - Stephen Covert - Are Energy Drinks Stealing Your Energy?

1st- Claire Simms - Surviving Stomach Acid: The Effects of Stomach Acid on Probiotics in Yogurt
2nd - Caleb Dakin - Life Saving Paint  
3rd - Corey Kegley - Make a Better Bouncing Ball