Mollie Greenhill

Mollie Greenhill

B.S. Exceptional Education, Appalachian State University

M.A. Educational Leadership/Student Administration, Virginia Commonwealth University

Mollie was both an administrator and a high school English teacher in Henrico County Public Schools before coming to Westminster.  As the wife of a youth and college pastor, she spends much of her free time with teenagers as a small group leader for high school girls.  She loves reading and especially enjoys teaching students how to apply and connect literature to our current world.  A claim to fame: She is the oldest daughter of WA’s Señora Ames!

Through literature we learn to express our faith and discover the ways in which God is revealed and glorified.  As Christians, we must be able to clearly articulate our beliefs; becoming good readers and writers is pivotal to becoming effective communicators.  My prayer is that I can impart my love of reading and writing as I remind students that they, themselves, are characters in a story.  I want to encourage students to be bold in sharing their role in God’s story by embracing the oral and written word.

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