Who We Are

Now meeting at West End Assembly of God, 401 North Parham Road, Richmond, VA 23229


About Westminster Academy

As a Christian academy, Westminster teaches all subjects from a Biblical worldview. We were founded in 1994 to support homeschool families who desired an opportunity to direct their children's education. Westminster enables parents to continue home educating their children through high school, while providing opportunities for students to study with teachers in a classroom environment. 

Our student body is comprised of nearly 200 students who meet for 2 or 3 days each week. Westminster's teachers provide instruction, but the majority of work is completed at home. 

We seek academic excellence under the lordship of Christ, within an administrative structure that enables parents to direct their child’s education, in a community where each person is treated with the utmost respect. 


Westminster Academy began in the fall of 1994. Desiring an opportunity to stay in charge of their children’s education, a group of homeschooling parents met with a common need of tutor support, particularly in higher level subjects. The trend in homeschooling had been to homeschool primarily in the early years, but without outside support, very few children were being homeschooled in the late middle and high school years.

These parents decided establishing an academy which connected homeschooled students with teachers in specific subject areas would enable parents to continue home educating their children through high school. Their mission developed to provide parents with that academic support.

Westminster established a Christian academy, with all subjects taught from a Christian worldview. The parents chose a 2 to 3 days per week, 33 weeks per year schedule with teachers providing instruction, but with the understanding that the bulk of the work would be done at home in-between instruction days. Teachers keep students on track and accountable for their work, and parents provide guidance and support at home.

Although most of our students have been homeschooled, Westminster has also attracted a significant number of families who want to have the parental control without the burden of traditional homeschooling. Thus, the term “parent-based education” was born! We have grown from 75 students taking an average of 1.5 classes our first year, to 174 students taking an average of 3 classes in 2016. God has blessed us in this educational experiment!

Foundational Principles

Parental Involvement -- Westminster is fundamentally different from a traditional "school" in that the ultimate responsibility for a child’s education lies in the hands of involved parents. This concept is referred to as "parent-managed education," and is viewed as an extension of home education. Parents manage their student’s education by overseeing course work, communicating with teachers, and participating in course-related activities and home assignments.

Support for the Home School Family – Offering 3rd through 12th grade courses, Westminster Academy offers families the flexibility to tailor a unique educational strategy for each child. When students are not in class, they have the opportunity to be integrated into the life of the family and cultivate their time management and study skills. Westminster Academy serves students from Christian families who agree with our statement of faith and who are actively raising their children to be faithful followers of Christ.

Academic Excellence – Westminster is committed to academic quality and excellence in all of our offerings and activities. We believe the Lordship of Jesus Christ imposes upon us the obligation to seek and work for excellence in every activity, and therefore will not be satisfied with mediocre teaching or mediocre work.

Christian Worldview -- All classes are taught from a Christian worldview. All subjects in all academic institutions are taught from some worldview -- humanism, materialism, etc. The foundation of our knowledge is our faith in Jesus Christ, and all events in the sciences, arts, and humanities must be interpreted in light of this understanding.

Character Development -- Because developing a Godly character is vital to the Christian life, Westminster will nurture an environment where Christian love, respect, and behavior is universally expected. To this end, the Academy will clearly define behavioral expectations for students, teachers, and staff, and will readily set consequences for behaviors that conflict with our high standards.

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