Application Process

New Students

Westminster Academy welcomes new applicants, and invites you to schedule a visit to observe classes.

The class schedule and catalog are available under Family Resources. 

Application Process

  1. Parents submit:

    • a Statement of Faith

    • a family application; 

    • a student application;

    • a class registration form;

    • recent grades or test scores; and

    • registration fees

  2. Complete a family interview

  3. Notification of acceptance

  4. Placement testing for High School Math, English, or Science courses

  5. Forms may be obtained in the office and copied as needed (be sure to copy each page).

Current Students

Parents of returning students will fill out a form updating information along with their registration form and fees. Teacher recommendations will be used for placement of current students at the proper level of courses they desire to take.

Any current student who consistently missed classes, came to class unprepared, or was a discipline problem may be denied re-admission.

Placement Testing

Students registering for Math, English, Biology, Chemistry or Physics classes who are not currently taking Math or English at Westminster Academy must satisfactorily pass a placement test.

Please see the catalog for placement test dates. Students who cannot sit for placement tests on these days must contact the Director for other arrangements. The parent will pay $30 to the test administrator for each test that must be taken since they are not taking placement tests on the dates Westminster organized.

Core Classes

We make every effort to ensure the following core classes are held each year: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Middle School Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Middle and High School History, Middle and High School Literature and Writing, French 1 & 2, Spanish 1 & 2, and Latin 1 & 2.

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